A Little Something to Fight the Poison

Friday, March 19, 2004
ONE: Well, count Spanish PM-elect Zapatero as one foreign leader who thinks Kerry has to win this thing. Not that this will help Kerry much (indeed, it might conceivably hurt him), but you'd have to be utterly obtuse if you didn't think that there's many more--including leaders who have felt compelled to join the Coalition of the Willing against the wishes of their own people.

And can I say that the right-wing response to the Spanish people's decision to vote in the Socialists because the Madrid terrorist attacks brought to light anger over what they saw as deception over both the decision to go to war as well as the attacks' investigation--that the general narrative that the Spanish people are "giving in" to the terrorists is the most disgusting and stupid idea I have heard thrown up in the mainstream press in a long time.