A Little Something to Fight the Poison

Sunday, February 29, 2004
CHAOS IN PORT-AU-PRINCE: I know all of the big papers have already been reporting it today, but for Franco-enabled folks out there, this report from Le Monde provides an interesting alternative perspective.

For one, it mentions that Canadian special forces have taken control of the airport (the Globe and Mail reported that Canada had sent 3 Hercules aircraft to evacuate nationals from capital, so presumably, we'd need some security on the other end too). Hey, if we go for the radio station too, maybe we can just take the place over and get into the friendly dictator installation business, just like the Americans. Or not.

Seriously, it's interesting that the report indicates that Colin Powell is in "close contact" with both the French and Canadian Foreign Ministers--because Canada is rarely important enough to rate in these sorts of affairs. So when did Canada become such a playa in Haiti? OK, maybe I'm overemphasizing this, as we've always had some interest in helping out there and a couple thousand folks with Canadian citizenship line on the island. But there may also be another answer, especially considering the role France is taking: Iraq has tied up so much of the Bush Admin's foreign affairs time and resources, that it's having a tough time showing initiative in places outside of the Middle East. Hegemony has its limits, too.