A Little Something to Fight the Poison

Wednesday, September 10, 2003
I haven't much followed the musings of Christopher Hitchens in the past, but has he always been such a pompous shit?

I'll let you know after I finish The Trial of Henry Kissinger.
A Toronto sports legend retires, his final stint in a Leafs uniform having been cut short by a freak knee injury.

We'll miss you, Killer -- though I wouldn't close the book on Dougie Gilmour quite yet. When March rolls around and the Leafs realize that they won't go very far in the playoffs based on skill alone, it won't surprise me if a city turns its lonely eyes to #93 and his well-storied tenacity.
Music industry profits must be down way further than any of us believed -- I mean, what else is one to think when the RIAA is busy suing 12-year old girls from the projects?