A Little Something to Fight the Poison

Wednesday, May 28, 2003
YOUR MOTHER WAS A HAMSTER...Everyone knew there would be an upside to a lame duck Chrétien: the ol' bastid is going to spit out some real gems over the next 10 months. Like yesterday, when he just went off during an in-flight press conference about all of the ways he thinks Bush sucks.

Jean was all, "My economy can beat up your lame economy because you don't have any game beyond cutting taxes and growing a deficit of ludicrous proportions. Your social views make Hammurabi look progressive, and, oh yeah, your baseball team is weak":
"The Americans will have a deficit of $500-billion [U.S.] this year, and it is a right-wing government," Mr. Chrétien told reporters travelling on the plane with him to Europe. "If we were to equal that, it would be a $75-billion [Canadian] deficit because we're 10 times smaller. Imagine!"
While insisting he gets on well personally with Mr. Bush, to whom he spoke this week, the Prime Minister listed a number of differences with the Republican President.

"I'm a Canadian Liberal; he is a southern conservative," Mr. Chrétien said, adding that he is pro-choice on abortion, while Mr. Bush is not; he supports gun control, while Mr. Bush does not, and he opposes capital punishment, which Mr. Bush supports.

"But that has nothing to do [with relations] with him personally," Mr. Chrétien said. He said he has "good personal rapport" with his American counterpart, and he is one of the few world leaders who can talk baseball with Mr. Bush, a onetime part owner of the Texas Rangers.

He commiserated with Mr. Bush, he said, that Texas has three of the top hitters in the American League but are cellar-dwellers in the Western Division. "It's their pitching," he said.
Word, Jean.

The old guy might be a few steak knives short of a fabulous TV offer, but he's right about the economy, you know. An' dose Blue Jays, dey be kicking some serious derriere, récemment, non? (An' dose 'Spos be playing some pretty good ball, non plus!)
JUST IN CASE YOU WERE THINKING TO YOURSELF "You know, what America needs right now is an even more hagiographic, soft-light view of President Bush at War," worry not!

Dubya: The Movie* is on its way, courtesy of a writer-producer who's a personal friend of Karl Rove.

Another reason you left-leaning Yanks have to whip the Democratic Party in shape for 2004: if you're skeptical about this first movie, think about how much the sequel is going to suck!

*Filmed in Toronto, with the assistance of subsidies financed by Canadian taxpayers.
Monday, May 26, 2003
WHY NORMATIVE THEORY CAUSES DEPRESSION: Because people in the real world tend to be hypocritical bastids, not universalizing Kantians, as Brett Marston's sense of idealism seems to have discovered of the Bush Admin yesterday for the 26375384848th time.

Sometimes it's just nicer to stay curled up in my theory books, where everyone obeys their rational, noumenal, autonomous selves...

SACRIFICES FOR INTERNATIONAL PEACE: An air crash in Turkey this morning killed more than 70 people, including 62 Spanish soldiers returning from their tour of duty in ISAF, the international stabilization and peacekeeping force in Afghanistan.

Something to think about on Memorial Day: the soldiers of liberal democratic nations over the past century sacrificed their bodies and lives not just for the rights and freedoms of their own peoples and nations, but for those of all humankind.