A Little Something to Fight the Poison

Saturday, March 08, 2003
IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO GLOAT: Yeah, I know this may get reversed, but I'd thought I'd acknowledge a tiny glimmer of happiness from last week, with limited apologies to a now completely overdone ad trope:
Twenty-minute telephone call from Washington, DC to Ankara: $7.92

Aid package to compensate for the economic shocks of a medium-sized war: $15 billion

Being able to win over the hearts and minds of backbench legislators in the Middle East’s only Muslim democracy so that all of the stuff for your 62,000 northern front troops isn’t left floating in the Mediterranean: Priceless
Democracy. Ain't it a bastard?
Friday, March 07, 2003
HI AGAIN: Don't know if more than a handful of people care (most importantly, of course, Devra--'sup, yo?), but I'm going try to finally make good on promise and start posting again. I guess I sort of fell into a bit of a reverse rut and just couldn't bear to post until I had something stunning to say. I want to say that I'll have some stuff to say about the UN soon, which I hope hasn't already been said before, and maybe the strike I'm involved in as a grad student at Yale (solidarity forever! and all that). For now, I just wanted to post on the surprisingly economic miracle that is my home country.

P.S.: Also, Manu is on indefinite hiatus. Poor guy--so many rodents to kill, so little time. And this blog's epitaph was almost--
Too many of us have only blogged the world; the point, however, is to change it.

IT'S THE SOCIAL DEMOCRACY AND THE LOW INTEREST RATES (STUPID): The pinkos at The Globe and Mail business page and Merrill Lynch had the following to say about the economic environment in overtaxed, low incentive, government heavy, universal-health-care-that-don't-work Canada:
"Canada is the only economy creating jobs in a meaningful way, its got the only central bank raising interest rates, the only G7 country running a budgetary surplus and the TSX composite is the best performing major equity index in the world. No wonder the Canadian dollar hit a two-and-a-half year high this week."
Hey Americans, what's the weather like in cut taxes-and-then-pray country?

Wait a minute, I live in New Haven. Dammit.