A Little Something to Fight the Poison

Friday, February 14, 2003
BACK TO FEEDING THOSE OBSESSIONS: Yeah, we've been away. But I'm back, at least for a bit. I'll be starting off slowly and lightly. Courtesy of a preview screened by the Yale Film Society, I offer an advance opinion of Daredevil, which, according the LAT, is touted by its publicists as "the most morally complex comic book movie ever almost Shakespearean story."

Sort of like how Andrew Sullivan is almost an Orwellian propagandizer.

First half of the movie: kind of interesting and gritty, with a bit too much fighting.

Second half of the movie: pretty much incoherent and almost all fighting. No real plot to speak of. Suckage.

Ben Affleck: Not as sucky as he could have been. Seems to have decided to play "morally deadened" as "strung out from all of the drugs I did last night." Don't have an issue with that; I’m cool with leaning on your strengths.

Colin Farrell: Kind of funny, in an utterly nuts sort of way.

Jennifer Garner: OK, so anyone who knows me reasonably well can probably guess that she's the entire reason I saw this movie. And, yeah, I'm biased, but besides Farrell, the charisma coming out of this gal's ears provided the film's main bright spot. And I do mean "spot," because her character doesn't get nearly enough screen time to develop. But it wasn't just me--her name was the only one in the opening credits to get applause. People pretty much cheered whenever she was on the screen, including some guy about 6 seats to my right who let out a very audible moan after a particularly glorious one-shot of a trademark Jennifer smile. My thoughts exactly, dude, but next time try to hold it in until you get home, 'K? I hope for her sake the movie does well, although I'm not holding out much hope for a redemptive sequel...